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138 PURCELL by J.A.Westrup. Dent Master Musicians (1943) Books//Books £5.00
2969 PURCELL TEN SONATAS OF FOUR PARTS (TRIO SONATAS). Lea Pocket Scores L.P.S. 160 pp122 (1968). College stamps, edges sl. rough pp1-22, ow good Orchestral//Miniature Scores £3.00
3189 PURCELL PURCELL SELECTED SONGS edited by Bothwell Thomson. Words & Music. Music-Lovers' Library No.23 pp40 Newnes
colour cover portrait
Part-Work £8.00
691 PURCELL IN THESE DELIGHTFUL, PLEASANT GROVES. Madrigalian Chorus. From THE LIBERTINE by Henry Purcell, A.D. 1676. Arranged as a part-song by Henry Leslie. No.8 Vocal//Choir//Un-accompanied Part Song £2.00
2832 PURCELL (arr. Leonard Rafter) SUITE IN G MINOR ON THEMES BY PURCELL (arr. Leonard Rafter). I Overture; II Siciliana; III Minuet; IV Chaconne. 1st Violin x 10; 2nd Violin x 10; Viola x 8; Cello x 8; Bass x 2; Flute 1; Flute 2 & Piccolo; Oboe; 1st Clarinet in B-flat; 2nd Clarinet in B-flat; Bassoon; 1st Horn in F; 2nd Horn in F; ...
Orchestral//Suites £20.00
1369 PURCELL, H. ODE FOR ST. CECILIA'S DAY (1692). Edited with piano reduction and realisation of the figred bass by Mich'l Tippett and Walter Bergmann.German translation by Beate Ruhm von Oppen. Schott (1955) pp124 FULL SCORE (A4 size) (college stamps) Orchestral//Full Score £10.00
2317 PURCELL, H. A Selection of songs by HENRY PURCELL edited by John Harley. Cramer (1981) pp24 (neat college stamps) Songs//Art/Lieder/Song Cycles £5.00
2244 PURCELL, H. IN THESE DELIGHTFUL PLEASANT GROVES. Edited by Alter S. Collins. Words by Thomas Shadwell. Familiar Choral Masterworks Hinshaw HMC-607 (1983) pp10 x 2 copies @ £3.00 each. Also available Novello edition edited by Henry Leslie pp4 x 3 copies available @ £1.50 each Vocal//Choir//Four Part (Mixed Chorus) £3.00
2201 PURCELL, H. O SING UNTO THE LORD. Psalm 96 : 1. Edited by A.T.D. Schirmer (1925/1952) 1103 pp5 x 2 copies available @ £2.00 each Vocal//Choir//Four Part (Mixed Chorus) £2.00
1368 PURCELL, H. COME YE SONS OF ART (Ode for the Birthday of Queen Mary, 1694). Edited by Mich'l Tippett and Walter Bergmann. Schott
(a) FULL SCORE in miniature. Edition Schott No. 10302 pp 51(college stamp) @ £6.00
(b) Vocal Score. Edition 10302 (1971) pp42, paper wraps (college stamps) x 9 @ £4.00 each
( ...
Vocal//Choral//Secular £4.00
306 PURCELL, Henry SICILIANO and HORNPIPE. Arranged by Harold Craxton and Alfred Moffat. Cramer (c) 1928 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £2.00
447 PURCELL, Henry REJOICE IN THE LORD (Ed. Edward J.Dent). Novello pp12 (c)1957 Songs//Sacred £3.00
706 PURCELL, Henry SHEPHERD, SHEPHERD, LEAVE YOUR LABOURS. Duet for two sopranos. Novello (1911) Vocal//Choir//Two Part Songs/Duets £1.00
707 PURCELL, Henry SOUND THE TRUMPET for voices in two parts. Novello (1931) Vocal//Choir//Two Part Songs/Duets £1.00
735 PURCELL, Henry HARK! THE ECHOING AIR. Novello The School Music Review Vocal//Choir//Unison Solo Songs £1.00
2303 PURCELL-HANDEL FESTIVAL 1959 PURCELL-HANDEL FESTIVAL London June 1959 pp44 Programmes//Opera & Orchestral £6.00
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