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2064 BRAHE, May H LIFE'S BALCONY. Words by Helen Taylor. Boosey (1934) pp4 Popular Music//1930's £3.00
1035 BRAHE, May H BLESS THIS HOUSE. (a) No.2 in C (b) No.3 in E- flat. Boosey (c)1927 (1932). Boosey pp5 Popular Music//1930's £4.00
1910 BRAHE, May H SONG PICTURES Five Songs. No.1 for LOW VOICE. Words by Helen Taylor. Enoch (1917) pp22 Songs//Art/Lieder/Song Cycles £5.00
942 BRAHE, May H. I PASSED BY YOUR WINDOW from the album of five songs `Song Pictures'. No.1 in C. Enoch (1917) Songs//Victorian/Edwardian/Georgian/WW1 £1.00
99 MAY, Robin A COMPANION TO THE OPERA. Book Club (1977) d/w pp364 Books//Books £8.00
901 MAYERL, Billy WHITE HEATHER. Prowse (1932) pp7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £8.00
896 MAYERL, Billy MARIGOLD Op.78. A Syncopated Impression for Piano. Keith Prowse (1927) (coloured cover loosely partly attached with sellotape) pp7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
1713 MAYERL, Billy CARMINETTA Chanson Espagnol. Keith, Prowse & Co. (1932) pp7 (cover autographed) Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £50.00
1932 MAYO, Fred CHUMS March and Two-Step. Wharfedale Music (1925) pp4 (with parts for 1st Violin and Cello) Cinema Series No.38 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £4.00
971 MAYSON, Edward ON WITH THE SHOW : PERFUME OF THE PAST (Parfum du Passe) Song ( British
version by Ray Morelle) (+ piano valse version) pp.7. Wright (1922) Music by Edward Mayson.
Popular Music//1920's £4.00
634 SIRMAY, A. PRINCESS CHARMING Selection. Music by Albert Sirmay. Book by Ferencz Marlos. Lyrics by Arthur Wimperis. Selected and arranged by H.M.Higgs:. Piano Accompaniment/ 1st Violin (Conductor) x 2/ 2nd Violin/ Viola/ Cell/ Bass/ Flutes/ Clarinets in Bb/ Cornets in Bb/ Bass Trombone/ Timpani in B & E & Drums ...
Orchestral//Operetta Selections & Musical Plays £15.00
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11 records found.