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3111 LISZT, F. FRANZ LISZT A biography in pictures by Zsigmond Laszlo & Bela Mateka. Barrie and Rockliff (1968) pp247 hardback with gilt lettering (no d/w). VG. Books//Books £25.00
2532 LISZT, F. LIFE OF CHOPIN. Translated in full for the first time by John Broadhouse. Reeves (n/d : inscription 1922) pp240 Books//Books £30.00
1654 LISZT, F. PAGANINI - STUDIES. Book II Nos 4 & 6 (ed. E. Dannreuther, 1899). Augener's Edition No. 6223B pp40-63 Piano//Classical//Albums £5.00
1653 LISZT, F. ETUDES D'EXECUTION TRANSCENDANTE : No. 5 FEUX FOLLETS ed. Edward Dannreuther. Augener's Edition No. 5955 pp11 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £3.00
3099 LISZT, F. LIEBESTRAUM Nocturne. Arthur's Original Copyright Edition pp7 (n/d). Edited & fingered by Oscar Allon . With Violin Obligato ad lib.part Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £4.00
2654 LISZT, F. LIEBESTRAUM, No.3 DREAM OF LOVE. Two-Part Chorus. Wood Octavo Series No.656. Words by Mary B. Austin. Music arr. by Robert W. Gibb. Wood Music, U.S.A. (1947) pp10 (7 copies available) Vocal//Choir//Two Part Songs/Duets £3.00
2825 LISZT, F. (arr. C. Morena) WHO NE'ER HIS BREAD IN SORROW ATE/ OH, WHO CAN FEEL THE BLISS. Violino I x 2; Violino obligato; Cello; Basso; Flauto; Oboe; Clarinetto in A and B-flat; Tromba in A & B-flat; Trombone; Timpani; Harmonium; Piano - Direction Orchestral//Songs £5.00
2826 LISZT, F. (arr. Gaston Borch) LIEBESTRAUM (Notturno No.3. 1st Violins x 5; 2nd Violins x 4; Viola x 2; Cello x 3; Bass x 2; Flutes; Oboe; 1st Clarinet in B-flat & A; 2nd Clarinet in B-flat & A; Bassoon; Horns in F; 1st Trumpet in B-flat & A; 2nd Trumpet in B-flat & A; 1st & 2nd Trombones; Bass Trombone; Timpani; Bass Drum, Cymb ...
Orchestral//Individual Concert Piece £15.00
608 LISZT, Franz. SECOND HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY arr. v. L. Weninger: Violino I x 5/ Violino II x 2/ Viola/ Violoncello/ Basso/ Flauto I & Piccolo/ Oboe I/ Clarinetto I & II/ Fagotto I/ Corno I & II/ Tromba I & II/ Trombone III/ Drums Feldman (1929) Orchestral//Individual Concert Piece £15.00
2767 SCHUBERT-LISZT HARK! HARK! THE LARK. Arranged for TWO PIANOS by Elsie Horne. Murdoch (1933) pp8 (only one Piano part available) Piano//Solo
Duet//Reductions of Orch/Opera/Incidental
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