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512 BLAKE, Howard FANTASY ALLEGRO Trio for pianoforte, violin (flute, oboe, clarinet in Bb) and violoncello (bassoon). Score + violin (or flute or oboe), Bb Clarinet and Cello (or bassoon) Chappell (1961) Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £3.00
2435 CARR, Howard BAH GOOM ! Yorkshire Patrol : 1st Violin (Leader); 2nd Violin; Viola; Cello; Bass; Flutes; Clarinets; Cornets; Bass Trombone & Tuba; Drums; Piano-Conductor pp8. Paxton( 1925) Orchestral//Marches £8.00
1914 FISHER, Howard AN OLD VIOLIN Song. Words by Helen Taylor. No.1 in F (with Violin Obbligato) Boosey (1929/31) pp5 (Featured by Albert Sandler, Olive Groves & Jean Melville) Popular Music//1920's £4.00
3068 GOODALL, Howard ETERNAL LIGHT Vocal Score. For Soprano, Tenor and/or Baritone Soloists, Mixed Choir, Keyboard and Strings. Faber Music (2008) pp78 Vocal//Choral//Sacred £6.00
1551 HOWARD, Winifred MY LADY CHARMING Intermezzo. Newman (1918) pp7 Piano//Solo//Light Classical/Popular (Victorian - Modern) £5.00
3097 Monckton, Lionel & Talbot, Howard THE ARCADIANS (Selected & Arranged for the Pianoforte by H. M. Higgs). Orchestra by Dan Godfrey. Piano pp15 (A4 stapled booklet); A4 Parts: Flutes & Piccolo; Oboe; Clarinets in A-natural & B-flat; Bassoons; Horns in F; Cornets in A-natural & B-flat; 1st & 2nd Trombones; Bass Trombone; Timpani & Drum ...
Orchestral//Operetta Selections & Musical Plays £25.00
475 MONCKTON, Lionel and TALBOT, Howard THE ARCADIANS : Piano Slection : Selected and Arranged for the Pianoforte by H.M.Higgs. Chappell (1909) : large format pp15 Vocal//Operetta & Musical Comedy//Scores £5.00
1063 QUADLING, Lew; HOWARD, Eddy & JURGENS, Dick. CARELESS. Wood (1939 Popular Music//1930's £2.00
2283 TALBOT, Howard MY NIECES Selection (arr. Herman Finck) : 1st Violin x 3; 2nd Violin; Viola; Cello; Bass; Flute & Piccolo; Clarinets in B-flat; Cornets in B-flat; 3rd Trombone; Tympani C & G, Drums, etc.; Orchestral Copy (Piano). Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew (1921) Orchestral//Operetta Selections & Musical Plays £15.00
2270 TALBOT, Howard A CHINESE HONEYMOON Selection (arr. Chas. Godfrey) : Violin I (Conductor) x 4; Violin II ; Viola ; Cello & Bass x 2; Flute & Piccolo; Flute II (MSS); Clarinet in B-flat ; Cornet in A; Euphonium; 1st Sax. In E-flat (MSS); 2nd E-flat (MSS); Sax in B-flat (MSS); Percussion ; Piano Conductor. ...
Orchestral//Operetta Selections & Musical Plays £25.00
2269 TALBOT, Howard THE WHITE CHRYSANTHEMUM Selection (Selected & arranged for the Pianoforte by Albert W. Ketelbey. Orchestra by Dan Godfrey) : Violin I (Conductor); Violin II ; Viola ; Cello & Bass; Flute & Piccolo; Clarinets in A I & II ; Cornets in A I & II; Bass Trombone; Percussion; Piano Selection Chappell (1906) (10 Parts) Orchestral//Operetta Selections & Musical Plays £20.00
3203 TALBOT, Howard & NOVELLO, Ivor WHO'S HOOPER? Selection (Selected & Arr. by Henri Jaxon) : Piano (Orchestral Copy) pp17. Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew (1919) Orchestral//Operetta Selections & Musical Plays £7.00
487 TALBOT, Howard and RUBENS, Paul THE BLUE MOON. Piano Score. Chappell (1905) pp96 bound Vocal//Operetta & Musical Comedy//Scores £20.00
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