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1616 FRIML, Rudolf and STOTHART, Herbert ROSE MARIE Piano Selection : selected and arranged by H.M.Higgs. Chappell (1925) pp11 Musicals/Revues/Plays/Films//1920's £5.00
1856 HAINES, Herbert E. THREE WOODLAND DANCES A Pastoral Suite : No.1 'Dances of the Dryads'; No.2 'A Woodland Serenade'; No.3 'Fauns in the Forest' (1908) : 1st Violin x 3; 2nd Violin; Viola; Violoncello x 3; Bass; Flute & Piccolo; Clarinets in A-natural; Cornets in A-natural; 3rd Trombone; Timpani in B & E. Drums, &c.; P ...
Orchestral//Dance £20.00
2271 HERBERT, Victor GOLDEN DAYS Overture (small orchestra) : Violin I x 4; Obbligato Violin; Violin II ; Viola ; Cello ; Bass ; Flutes & Piccolo; Clarinets in B-flat; 1st Trumpet in B-flat; Trumpet II & III in B-flat; Trombone Obbligato; 1st E-flat Saxophone (ad lib.); 2nd E-flat Alto Saxophone (ad lib.); B-flat Teno ...
Orchestral//Overtures £30.00
1620 HERBERT, Victor AH! SWEET MYSTERY OF LIFE in B-flat (1910) Words by Rida Johnson Young. (The Dream Melody) For It Is Love Alone That Rules For Aye! Sung by Jeanette
MacDonald & Nelson Eddy in film NAUGHTY MARIETTA (1935). Feldman pp4
Popular Music//1930's £5.00
1046 HERBERT, Victor INDIAN SUMMER. Words Al Dubin. Chappell (1939) coloured cover Popular Music//1930's £2.00
1598 HERBERT, Victor THE VICTOR HERBERT ALBUM. Contents: Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life (The Dream
Melody) (1910); Kiss Me Again (1915); Gipsy Love Song (1908); When You're
Away (1914); I'm Falling in Love With Someone (1910); Italian Street Song
(1921). Feldman (1959) pp27
Songbooks £10.00
2649 HERBERT, Victor WOODEN SHOES 'Clip, Clop, Clop' from 'Sweethearts' For Two-Part Chorus of Women's Voices (S.A.) with Piano Accompaniment. Lyric by Bob Wright and Chet Forrest. Music by Victor Herbert. Adapted by Herbert Stothard. Arranged by Jeffrey Marlowe. G. Schirmer, Octavo No.8881 (1942) pp7 (11 copies available) @ £3.00 each Vocal//Choir//Two Part Songs/Duets £3.00
297 HOWELLS, Herbert TRIUMPH TUNE Based on a Folk-Tune. Curwen Edition 99083 (c) 1938 Piano//Solo//Classical Pieces £1.00
2313 HOWELLS, Herbert GAVOTTE Song. Words by Sir Henry Newbolt. OUP (1927/1955) pp5 (back page sl. clipped along top, ow good) (ex-college) Songs//Art/Lieder/Song Cycles £2.00
2043 HOWELLS, Herbert KING DAVID A Madrigal. Winthrop Rogers Edition. Boosey & Hawkes (1923) pp7 Songs//Art/Lieder/Song Cycles £5.00
2037 HUGHES, Herbert (arr.) WHEN HE WHO ADORES THEE. Irish Air. Words by Thomas Moore. Boosey & Hawkes pp7 Songs//Art/Lieder/Song Cycles £6.00
1022 HUGHES, Herbert (ed.). THE LARK IN CLEAR AIR. Verses by Samuel Ferguson. Boosey & Hawkes. Song Series of Ireland (1926) pp5 Popular Music//1920's £3.00
1876 LEONARD, H. (arr. Victor Herbert) THE DONKEY AND THE DRIVER Op.61 : Solo & Obbligato Violin; Violin I x 2; Violin II; Viola; Violoncello; Bass; Flute; Clarinet I in B-flat; Trumpet I in B-flat; Trumpet II in B-flat; Trombone; 1st E-flat Alto Saxophone; 2nd E-flat Alto Saxophone; B-flat Tenor Saxophone; Percussion; Piano-Conductor. S ...
Orchestral//Light £25.00
980 THE GREAT VICTOR HERBERT: KISS ME AGAIN Key G (from the Paramount Picture). Music by Victor Herbert. Words Henry Blossom. Feldman (c) 1915 (1930) photographic cover Popular Music//1930's £3.00
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