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63 GOUNOD A Day With by May Baron (colour plates). Hodder & Stoughton pp48 Books//Books £6.00
2326 GOUNOD LA SERA Melodia (arr. A.Stefani) : Violino 1x 3; Violino 2; Viola; Violoncello e Basso; Flauto; Clarino 1 in B-flat; Clarino 2 in B-flat; Corno 1 in F; Corno 2 in F; Cornetta in B-flat; Trombone ad libitum; Piano. Ricordi Orchestral//Individual Concert Piece £8.00
2328 GOUNOD MEDITATION on the first prelude of J.S.Bach : Violino I (Direction) x 2; Violino obligato x 2; Violoncello; Basso; Harmonium; Flauto; Clarinetto I; Tromba; Trombone; Timpani; Piano-Direction pp5. Benjamin (1924) Orchestral//Individual Concert Piece £10.00
2329 GOUNOD MARCHE ROMAINE & MARCHE RELIGIEUSE (arr. W.Moore) : 1st Violin; 2nd Violin; Viola; Cello e Basso; Flute; 1st & 2nd Clarinets in B-flat; 1st & 2nd Cornets in B-flat; Euphonium; Tympani in F & C; Piano for MARCHE ROMAINE arranged for the Harmonium by Edward F. Rimbault pp7. Chappell Orchestral//Marches £8.00
2330 GOUNOD ROMEO E GIULIETTA Valzer di Giulietta (arr. Giovanni Bossa) : Violino 1 x 3; Violino 2; Viola; Violoncello e Basso; Flauto; Clarino 1 in B-flat; Clarino 2 in B-flat; Corno 1 inF; Corno 2 in F; Trombone; Piano pp4; Hamonium pp4. Ricordi Orchestral//Opera Selections £10.00
2327 GOUNOD LEND ME YOUR AID 'Inspirez moi' from 'La Reine de Saba'. Trombone Solo (also cued in for Cello, Bassoon & Cornet) (arr. Sydney Baynes) : 1st Violin x 2; 2nd Violin; Viola; Cello; Bass; Flutes; Clarinets in B-flat; Cornets in B-flat; Tenor Trombone (or B-flat Cornet); Solo Trombone; Drums, Timpani et ...
Orchestral//Songs £10.00
2581 GOUNOD FAUST The Royal Carl Rosa Opera Co. Opera House, Manchester. Cast: Robert Sydney, Ronald Stear, George Hancock, Werner Simon, Betty Sagon, Patricia Black, Margery Field. Cond. Peter Gellhorn. Friday Evening, 14th June, 1946 at 6.30 (folded, edges dog-eared, sl. foxing) Programmes//Opera & Orchestral £8.00
2595 GOUNOD AVE MARIA Sacred Melody adapted to the 1st Prelude of J.S.Bach. No.7 Edition for Mezzo-Soprano or Baritone. Schott pp7 Songs//Sacred £4.00
2744 GOUNOD THE REDEMPTION A Sacred Trilogy. Written and Composed by Charles Gounod. The Pianoforte accompaniment arranged by Berthold Tours. The English translation by The Rev. J. Troutbeck, D.D. Novello's Original Octavo Edition pp172 (paper boards - cover dull, ow good). Printed date : 27/2/99 Vocal//Choral//Sacred £10.00
2632 GOUNOD FAUST. Chappell : new and revised edition) pp246 (paper wraps just about attached) (in English and French) Vocal//Opera//Scores £8.00
1162 Gounod, C. Waltz Song from ROMEO AND JULIET. Arrangement. Boosey & Hawkes(1937) Instrument//Cornet(Bb) £2.00
517 GOUNOD, Ch FAVOURITE AIRS FROM FAUST Arranged by William M. Hutchison for VIOLIN AND PIANO (no separate violin part). Chappell. Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £1.00
518 GOUNOD, Ch MEDITATION sur le Prelude de S.Bach pour piano et violin (part missing) . B. Schott's Sohne. Instrument//Violin with Piano accompaniment £1.00
363 GOUNOD, Ch. FAUST Piano Solo. Chappell Piano//Ballet £4.00
2009 GOUNOD, Ch. GLORY TO THEE MY GOD, THIS NIGHT. AN Evening Song No.2 in C (Baritone). Cramer pp5 Songs//Sacred £4.00
2123 GOUNOD, Ch. CHORAL FANTASIA on the Opera FAUST. Arranged by F.A.Challinor, Mus. Doc. Banks Yorks Series 823 (1923) pp32 Vocal//Choir//Four Part (Mixed Chorus) £6.00
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