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1917   A TUNE A DAY for CELLO (1940 : revised) by C.Paul Herfurth. A First Book pp32 and A Second Book pp35 @ £3.00 each (as new). Chappell Instrument//Tutors £3.00
491 47 EASY SOLOS FOR Bb INSTRUMENTS. Clarinet, Trumpet, Tenor Sax with piano accompaniment. Robbins Music (1967) Instrument//Tutors £4.00
492 A TUNE A DAY: CLARINET Book 1 By C.Paul Herfurth. Chappell (C)1942/(C)1953 Instrument//Tutors £3.00
1774 CZERNY, Carl Czerney. The Celebrated Etude de la Velocite. Gould & Bolttler pp63 Instrument//Tutors £5.00
1973 FARMER, Henry. HENRY FARMER'S NEW VIOLIN SCHOOL wherein the art of Bowing & Fingering that Instrument is explained in A SERIES OF EXERCISES AND SCALES Progressively Arranged in which is added A SELECTION OF FAVOUIRE AIRS. The whole Adapted & Composed by Henry Farmer. Williams pp40. The Original Edition Specially R ...
Instrument//Tutors £5.00
1504 HANON, C.L. THE VIRTUOSO PIANIST. In Sixty Exercises For the Piano. Book 1 Exercises 1 - 20. Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics Vol. 1071 (1900/1928) pp21 Instrument//Tutors £6.00
1261 HENSCHEL, G. PROGRESSIVE STUDIES Op.49. Part I MEDIUM VOICE: Studies in Sustained Singing.. Novello (1892) pp49 VG Vocal//Technique Tutor £8.00
2503 HOLMES, G. Augustus & KARN, Frederick J. CLASSIFIED STUDIES for the Pianoforte Book 2. Beal, Stuttard pp26 Piano//Learning//Piano Tutors £4.00
2504 HOLMES, G. Augustus & KARN, Frederick J. PREPARATORY MANUALS for the Pianoforte Book 1. Beal, Studdard pp15 Piano//Learning//Piano Tutors £3.00
1986 LOESCHHORN, A. PROGRESSIVE STUDIES for the PIANOFORTE Designd to perfect technique and execution (with Continental fingering). Augener's Edition No.6335 Book V. Op.66, Nos. 12-22 pp26-45 Piano//Learning//Piano Tutors £4.00
400 MELBA METHOD Part One: Breathing and other Exercises etc. Part Two: Vocalises for Low and High Voice. Chappell pp68 paper wraps grubby (1926) Vocal//Technique Tutor £10.00
1465 OUP BRASS/WOODWIND TUTORS (a) BASSOON TECHNIQUE by Archie Camden x 3 (1972 reprint x 1; 1978 reprint x 2) pp74
(b) FLUTE TECHNIQUE by F.B. Chapman. Fourth Edition (1979 4th imp.) pp89 (back wrap stained)
(c) HORN TECHNIQUE by Gunther Schuller (1971 4th imp.) pp118
(d) OBOE TECHNIQUE by Evelyn Rothwell. Second Editio ...
Instrument//Tutors £4.00
2320 ROSSINGTON, J.W. FURTHER STEPS IN SIGHT-SINGING (Two-Part Exercises). Novello (1935) pp17 Vocal//Technique Tutor £2.00
493 THE FIRST STEPS How to Play SAXOPHONE by Al. Starita. Prowse (1928) Instrument//Tutors £4.00
1462 WILLAMAN, Robert THE CLARINET & CLARINET PLAYING a text for Beginners, Advanced Players, Listeners. Carl Fischer, New York (Revised Edition 1949/1954) p/b pp316 Instrument//Tutors £10.00
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