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ID Composer Description Category Price
1169   KALDOR, Andras. OPERA HOUSES OF EUROPE. Antique Collectors' Club (1996) pp127 architectural paintings with text Books//Books £25.00
1170   WEAVER, William. THE GOLDEN CENTURY OF ITALIAN OPERA from Rossini to Puccini. Thames and Hudson (1980) pp256 d/w Books//Books £15.00
1171   VERDI, Giuseppe. LA TRAVIATA. Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave. Story Adaptation by Mary McCarthy. The Metropolitan Opera Classics Library. USA (1983) p/b pp202 Books//Books £8.00
383 47 POPULAR SCOTTISH SONGS arr. Miller. Kerr (1913) pp52 Songbooks £6.00
2757 ABBOTT, Elisabeth MEMOIRS OF LORENZO DA PONTE (Mozart's librettist) Translated by Elisabeth Abbott. Edited and annotated by Arthur Livingston. With a new Preface by Thomas G. Bergin. Dover (1967) (laminated wraps) pp512 (owners' inscriptions on fep) Books//Books £7.00
1314 ABRAHAM, Gerald (General Editor) THE HISTORY OF MUSIC IN SOUND. General Editor : Gerald Abraham. OUP with HMV (college stamps) :

Volume I : Ancient and Oriental Music edited by Egon Wellesz (1957/1961reprint) pp41
Volume II. Early Medieval Music up to 1300 ed. Dom Anselm Hughes (1953/ 1960 2nd ed.) pp69
Volume III. ...
Books//Books £5.00
1 ANDERSON, James DICTIONARY OF OPERA AND OPERETTA. Columbia (1994) Books//Books £10.00
2538 ANDREWS, H.K. THE OXFORD HARMONY Volume II. OUP (1950) pp241 Books//Books £10.00
1313 ARNOLD, Denis (General Editor) THE NEW OXFORD COMPANION TO MUSIC. VOLUME TWO K - Z only OUP (1983) pp2017 d/w (college stamps) Books//Books £7.00
2534 ARUNDELL, Dennis HENRY PURCELL. OUP (1927) pp136 Books//Books £15.00
1266 AYLWARD, Florence FLOWER SONGS (Medium) : Lilies and Roses; Cowslip Bells; Wood Anemones; Snowdrops. Collard Moutrie (1919) pp15 Songbooks £4.00
1346 BACH THE ORGAN WORKS OF BACH by Harvey Grace with an Introduction by Ernest Newman. Novello (1922) pp319, college stamps on edge, and inside, d/w worn ow good Books//Books £6.00
1344 BACH, J.S. J.S.BACH by Albert Schweitzer. Translated by Ernest Newman. Preface by C.M.Widor. Volume I with 3 Plates. A & C Black (1947 reprint) pp428, ex-college lib. Books//Books £6.00
1334 BACH, J.S. THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH. Described and depicted by Hendrik Willem Van Loon. Harrap (April 1945 reprin) pp103 h/b Books//Books £5.00
4 BACH, John Sebastian Green cloth worn & marked, spine blotchy. 303pp. Masters of Music by Rutland Boughton. Kegan Paul (1930) Books//Books £5.00
2 BACHARACH, A.L.(Ed.) BRITISH MUSIC OF OUR TIME Pelican pb (1946) stapled down spine from inside cover front to back Books//Books £3.00
3 BACHARACH, A.L.(Ed.) LIVES OF THE GREAT COMPOSERS. Dutton, New York (1936) Books//Books £3.00
1398 BAILEY, Eunice DISCOVERING MUSIC WITH YOUNG CHILDREN. Methuen (1961 reprint) pp119, d/w Books//Books £4.00
1464 BAINES, Anthony WOODWIND INSTRUMENTS AND THEIR HISTORY with a foreword by Sir Adrian Boult. Faber and Faber (1957) h/b (d/w worn) pp382 Books//Books £15.00
7 BAKER, Richard COMPANION TO MUSIC. BBC (1993) pp208 d/w Books//Books £12.00
1433 BARING GOULD, S and SHARP, Cecil L. ENGLISH FOLK-SONGS FOR SCHOOLS c.1956. Vocal Edition, Both Notations. Curwen Edition 6051 (20 available) Songbooks £6.00
8 BARTOK by Paul Griffiths. The Master Musicians. Dent p/b (1988) inscribed Books//Books £4.50
172 BARTOK By Hamish Milne (1987) THE ILLUSTRATED LIVES OF THE GREAT COMPOSERS Softback. Omnibus Press NEW Books//Books £6.00
1345 BARTOK, HINDEMITH, STRAVINSKY THE NEW GROVE MODERN MASTERS: BARTOK; HINDEMITH and STRAVINSKY by Vera Lampert, Laszlo Somfai, Eric Walter White, Jeremy Noble and Ian Kemp. Macmillan (1984) pp292, p/b, college stamp Books//Books £5.00
1741 BEETHOVEN BEETHOVEN THE CREATOR by Romain Rolland. Translated by Ernest Newman. Gollancz (1929) pp432 Books//Books £20.00
13 BEETHOVEN His Spiritual Development by J.W.N. Sullivan. Unwin Books (1964) paperback Books//Books £1.00
173 BEETHOVEN By Ates Orga (1983) THE ILLUSTRATED LIVES OF THE GREAT COMPOSERS Softback. Omnibus Press NEW Books//Books £6.00
12 BEETHOVEN by Marion M. Scott. Dent Master Musicians (1940). Some foxing to edges Books//Books £5.00
9 BEETHOVEN by Romain Rolland. Translated by B. Constance Hull. With a brief analysis of the sonatas, the symphonies, and the quartets by A. Eaglefield Hull. With 24musical illustrations and 4 plates and an introduction by Edward Carpenter. Red cloth, speckled 244pp. Kegan Paul (1927) Books//Books £8.00
11 BEETHOVEN AND THE ROYAL PHILARMONIC SOCIETY by John Mewburn Levien with an Introduction by Alexander C. Mackenzie. Novello pp29 (1927) Books//Books £12.00
1690 BERLIOZ A Life of Music HECTOR BERLIOZ 1803-1865. Translated & edited by David Cairns. Folio (1987) pp466 (with slipcase) Books//Books £25.00
174 BERLIOZ By Robert Clarson Leach (1987) Books//Books £6.00
14 BERLIOZ by J.H.Elliot. The Master Musicians ed. Sir Jack Westrup. Dent (1972 - revised 1967) d/w VG Books//Books £6.00
2558 BLISS, Arthur BLISS by John Sugden. The Illustrated Lives of the Great Composers. Omnibus (1997) pp131 laminated wraps NEW Books//Books £9.99
2531 BLOM, Eric EVERYMAN'S DICTIONARY OF MUSIC. Dent (1946 1st) pp706 Books//Books £10.00
15 BLYTH, Alan OPERA ON CD The essential guide to the best CD recordings of 100 operas. Kyle Cathie (1992) pp183 Books//Books £6.00
1306 BONAVIA HUNT, H.G. A CONCISE HISTORY OF MUSIC From the commencement of the Christian era. Bell (1925 24th imp.) pp184 worn Books//Books £5.00
16 BORLAND, John E. MUSICAL FOUNDATIONS. OUP (1927) pp87 Books//Books £6.00
1814 BOULT, Adrain ADRIAN BOULT (1889-1983) by Mich'l Kennedy. Hamish Hamilton (1987) pp342 h/b with d/w VG Books//Books £20.00
17 BRAHMS by Peter Latham. The Master Musicians ed. Sir Jack Westrup. Dent (1975 last revised) d/w VG Books//Books £6.00
18 BRAHMS in 2 Vols by Florence May. Paganiniana U.S.A (1905, 2nd ed. reprint 1981) pp699 h/b with portriat od composer on laminated boards Books//Books £25.00
19 BRAHMS by Jeffrey Pulver. Masters of Music ED. Sir Landon Ronald. Light green cloth faded and speckled. Kegan Paul (1933 Popular ed.) Books//Books £5.00
22 BRITTEN Masters of Music by Percy M.Young. Benn (1966) pp68 VG Books//Books £8.00
20 BRITTEN by Mich'l Kennedy. Dent The Master Musicians (a) Hardback (1981) with d/w pp356 VG Books//Books £12.00
23 BRITTEN, Benjamin PETER GRIMES. Sadler's Wells Opera Books No.3 Ed. Eric Crozier. Essays by Benjamin Britten, E.M.Forster, Montagu Slater, Edward Sackville-West. Designs by Kenneth Green. Lane pp55 Books//Books £4.00
2559 BRITTEN, Benjamin BRITTEN by Christopher Headington. The Illustrated Lives of the Great Composers. Omnibus (1996) pp152 laminated wraps NEW Books//Books £8.95
1321 BRITTEN, Benjamin and HOLST, Imogen THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF MUSIC. Garden City Books, New York (1958) pp68 decorated boards, sl. dent mid-spine, ow good Books//Books £5.00
1328 BRITTEN, Benjamin by EVANS, Peter THE MUSIC OF BENJAMIN BRITTEN. Dent (1979) pp564 d/w worn, discreet college stamps Books//Books £10.00
1399 BROCKLEHURST, Brian M.A., D.Mus. RESPONSE TO MUSIC Principles of Music Education. Routledge & Kegan (1971) pp141, p/b Books//Books £4.00
24 BROOKE-BALL, Peter DICTIONARY OF MUSIC. Geddes & Grosset (1992) pp288 Books//Books £6.00
25 BROWER, Harriette SHORT-LIVES OF MASTER MUSICIANS. Harrap (1925 1st) Books//Books £8.00
1461 BRUXNER, Mervyn THE ORCHESTRA. Illustrated by Thomas B. Pitfield. The Young Reader's Guides to Music (IV). OUP (1975 reprint) h/b with d/w pp56 (2 copies) Books//Books £3.00
2987 Burgess, Muriel & Keen, Tommy GRACIE FIELDS. Allen (1980) pp125, , good d/w Books//Books £10.00
2299 BURNEY, Charles MUSIC, MEN AND MANNERS IN FRANCE AND ITALY 1770. Eulenburg Books (1974) pp245 (Originally published by the Folio Society in 1969) Books//Books £15.00
1668 BURNS Fifty Selected Songs of Burns. Mozart Allan, Glasgow pp94 (undated modern edition) laminated wraps Songbooks £6.50
1661 CALLAS, Maria CALLAS Her life, Her loves, Her music by Anne Edwards. Weidenfeld & Nicolson (2001) pp342 NEW Books//Books £25.00
376 CAMPBELL CONNELLY'S 41st SONG AND DANCE ALBUM (1955) Songbooks £2.00
377 CAMPBELL CONNELLY'S 44th SONG AND DANCE ALBUM (1960) Songbooks £2.00
1407 CAREERS IN MUSIC A HANDBOOK ON CAREERS IN MUSIC Launhed by Geoffrey Pattie M.P. Music Advisors' National Association (1986) pp98 (college stamps), p/b Books//Books £3.00
2556 CARSE, Adam THE LIFE OF JULLIEN Adventurer, Showman-Conductor and Establisher of the Promenade Concerts in England, together with a history of those concerts up to 1895. Heffer (1951) h/b without d/w pp136 (some wear and fading to boards, ow good) Books//Books £35.00
2685 CHILDREN'S CHOICE ALBUM Campbell Connelly's CHILDREN'S CHOICE ALBUM ((1953) pp27 Songbooks £6.00
30 CHOPIN CHOPIN'S LETTERS Collected by Henryk Opienski. Translated from the original Polish and French with a Preface and Editorial notes by E.L.Voynich. U.S.A. Harmsworth (1932) pp420 VG Books//Books £12.00
27 CHOPIN by J.Cuthbert Hadden. The Master Musicians, Dent (1903) pp248 Books//Books £15.00
28 CHOPIN by Arthur Hedley. The Master Musicians ed. Blom. Dent (1953 3rd imp.) pp214 d/w, VG Books//Books £6.00
31 CHOPIN A Day With by M.C.Gillington (5 colour plates by Norman Price). Hodder & Stoughton pp47 Books//Books £5.00
29 CHOPIN, Frederic By Wakeling Dry. The Music of the Masters. Bodley Head (1926 1st) Books//Books £5.00
1535 CLAY, Isobel THE LAND OF LAUGHTER. Six Songs for Children. Holmes (1923) pp8 Songbooks £4.00
2704 COLERIDGE-TAYLOR, S GENIUS AND MUSICIAN A Memory Sketch or Personal Reminiscences of My Husband (Samuel Coleridge-Taylor 1875-1912) pp76. With an Appendix of Works by J.H. Smither Jackson. With photos. and facsimile autograph and manuscripts. Hardboards, quarto : with photo. of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor on front, and f. ...
Books//Books £40.00
34 COLLES, H.C. THE GROWTH OF MUSIC. A Study in Musical History for Schools. Part 1 From the Troubadours to J.S.Bach. Clarendon (1923) pp192 Books//Books £8.00
1770 COMMUNITY SINGING Communityland No.1. Grand Selection of Old Favourite Songs siutable for Community Singing. Feldman (1927) pp7 (worn) Songbooks £3.00
394 Companion Volume: OLD SCOTTISH DITTIES The Symphonies and Accompaniments by G.A. Macfarren. New edition, revised by the arranger. Chappell pp241 (undated), brown decorated boards with gilt tooling Songbooks £15.00
2024 CONCERT PARTY ALBUM THE WONDER CONCERT PARTY ALBUM. Reeder & Walsh Mascot Album : Book Six (1925) pp47 Songbooks £5.00
2543 COOKE, Deryck GUSTAV MAHLER An Introduction to his Music. Faber (1980) p/b pp127 Books//Books £6.50
2613 COVENT GARDEN BOOKS 7 COVENT GARDEN BOOKS : Number Seven pp60 1st July 1950 - 7th January 1954 (includes GLORIANA and BILLY BUDD by Britten) Books//Books £15.00
1315 CRIPPS, Colin POPULAR MUSIC In the 20th Century. Edited by Roy Bennett and Mich'l Burnett. Cambridge Assignments in Music. Cambridge University Press (1988) pp90 softback (college stamp) Books//Books £5.00
38 CROSS, Milton and EWEN, David MILTON CROSS' ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE GREAT COMPOSERS AND THEIR MUSIC. New, revised edition. Vols 1 (pp504) & 2 (pp505-1009: small sellotape repair to top of spine). New York, Doubleday (1962). Price for the pair Books//Books £12.00
2524 DAKERS, Lionel CHURCH MUSIC AT THE CROSSROADS A Forward Looking Guide for Today. Marshall, Morgan & Scott (1970) pp160 (d/w) Books//Books £10.00
2739 DANNREUTHER, Edward MUSICAL ORNAMENTATION. Novello and Company. Novello's Music Primers and Educational Series edited by Sir John Stainer and Sir C. Hubert H. Parry. Two Volumes in one. (Third Edition) Part I: From Diruta to J.S. Bach. 210 pages of text and music. Part II: From C. PH. E. Bach to the Present Time. 185 p ...
Books//Books £85.00
1320 DAVISON, Archibald T. and APEL, Willi HISTORICAL ANTHOLOGY OF MUSIC. Vol. I Oriental, Medieval and Renaissance Music. Harvard, USA. 1946 and 1949 (Revised edition 14th Printing, 1978) pp258 (remnants of dustwrapper). Vol II Baroque, Rococo, and Pre-Classical Music (1950; 11th Printing, 1976) pp303 (worn dustwrapper)
discreet college ...
Books//Books £15.00
1311 de FALLA, Manuel DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE OF HIS WORKS by Ronald Crichton. Chester Music h/b (1976) pp80 (college stamps) Books//Books £15.00
40 DELIUS by Philip Heseltine. Lane pp184 (1923) Books//Books £20.00
41 DENT, Edward J. OPERA Pelican (1945 reissue) Books//Books £5.00
42 DEXTER, Harry and TOBIN, Raymond THE MUSIC LOVER'S POCKET BOOK. Evans (1958 reprint) pp160 d/w Books//Books £4.00
1330 DIMOND, Peter MA MUSIC MADE SIMPLE. Heinemann (1982) pp276 hardback, some loose pages near beginning, ex-college lib. Books//Books £3.00
44 DINN, Freda THE OBSERVER'S BOOK OF MUSIC with Illustrations by Paul Sharp. Warne (1966 reprint) pp190 Books//Books £8.00
45 DONINGTON, Robert BAROQUE MUSIC Style and Performance. A Handbook. Faber (1982) p/b Books//Books £8.00
3054 DUCHEN, Jessica ERICH WOLFGANG KORNGOLD. Phaidon p/b (1996) pp239 (stamped : Non-mint copy) Books//Books £5.00
46 DUNSTON, Ralph MANUAL OF MUSIC. Red cloth worn, 303pp. Front fly leaf removed, title page snipped. Curwen (1904) Books//Books £4.00
49 DVORAK by Alec Robertson. Dent The Master Musicians h/b pp234 (1969 reprint) Books//Books £5.00
48 DVORAK by Alec Robertson. Dent The Master Musicians h/b pp234 1947 reprint d/w (sl. repair) Books//Books £5.00
50 DVORAK by Alec Robertson. Dent The Master Musicians h/b pp234 (1974 reprint) d/w VG Books//Books £6.00
1400 DWYER, Terence TEACHING MUSICAL APPRECIATION. OUP (1975 reprint) pp135, h/b Books//Books £5.00
2297 EARLY MUSIC EARLY MUSIC Vol. XXXIII/3 August 2005. Founded by J.M.Thomson. Editor : Tess Knighton. Oxford Journals (OUP) i-v + pp369-554 Books//Books £6.00
1781 ELGAR ELGAR. HIS LIFE AND WORKS by Basil Maine. THE WORKS vii + pp323 dark blue cloth. Bell (1933) Books//Books £20.00
1161 Elgar EDWARD ELGAR His Life and Music by Diana M. McVeagh. Dent (1955) pp260 d/w (sl. scuffed) Books//Books £10.00
56 ELGAR MY FRIENDS PICTURED WITHIN Opus 36 The subjects of the Enigma Variations as portrayed in contemporary photos. and Elgar's manuscript. Novello booklet (n/d) Books//Books £20.00
51 ELGAR HIS LIFE AND WORKS by Basil Maine. Bell pp287 (1933) Ex-Pub.Lib brown cloth VG+ Books//Books £15.00
3036 ELGAR, E. AN ELGAR COMPANION Edited by Christopher Redwood.Sequoia Publishing (1982) pp311. ISBN 0 86190 024 3 (a few neat college stamps) VG with d/w Books//Books £10.00
1786 ELGAR, E. The Elgar Society Journal

November 2004 Vol. 13, No.6
March 2005 Vol. 14, No.1
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November 2005 Vol. 14, No.3
March 2006 Vol. 14, No.4
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The Elgar Society News

No.23 - July 2004
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Books//Books £3.00
54 ELGAR, Edward AN APPRECIATIVE STUDY by John F. Porte. Bookplate. Pitman (1933) Books//Books £15.00
2557 ELGAR, Edward ELGAR by Simon Mundy. The Illustrated Lives of the Great Composers. Revised Edition. Omnibus (1980/2001) pp224 laminated wraps NEW Books//Books £12.95
57 ELLIS, Alexander J. PRONUNCIATION FOR SINGERS.Brown cloth, back cover speckled, 246pp. Curwen (c.early 1900s) Books//Books £10.00
58 EVETTS, Edgar T. and WORTHINGTON, Robert A. THE MECHANICS OF SINGING. Green cloth, 131pp. Dent (1928) Books//Books £4.00
2513 EWEN, David THE HOME BOOK OF MUSICAL KNOWLEDGE. Arco Publications Limited (1958 reprint) pp482 Books//Books £6.00
2514 EWEN, David ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE OPERA. Calder (1956 UK edition) : 25,000 Opera Facts d/w chipped and worn pp594 Books//Books £15.00
2527 FASSETT, Agatha A re-issue of Agatha Fassett's THE NAKED FACE OF GENIUS. The last years of Bela Bartok. Gollancz (1970) pp367 d/w Books//Books £15.00
1658 FELLNER, Rudolph Opera Themes and Plots. Preface by Erich Leinsdorf. Calder (1958|) pp354
9/1/04 M. Hatchard £8.00
Books//Books £20.00
2544 FENBY, Eric MENUHIN'S HOUSE OF MUSIC. Words by Eric Fenby. Photographs by Nicholas Fisk. Icon (1969) pp140 d/w Books//Books £20.00
2537 FENBY, Eric DELIUS as I knew him. Bell (1936 1st) no d/w p234 Books//Books £50.00
2279 FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN 1951 : FESTIVAL SERVICE at The Royal Albert Hall, London 20th June, 1951. The Royal School of Church Music, Canterbury pp95 (blue card wraps) Books//Books £20.00
2985 FIELDS, Gracie GRACIE FIELDS Her Autobiography sing as we go. Muller (1960) pp203, good quality d/w Books//Books £10.00
2990 FIELDS, Gracie FOUR SCRAPBOOK PAGES of GRACIE FIELDS photographs Books//Books £5.00
3048 Fisher, Hugh THE SADLER'S WELLS THEATRE BALLET A Pictorial Record of the Company, its Dancers and its Ballets. Edited by Hugh Fisher with 90 Stage and Action Photographs. Black (1956) pp82 poor d/w in new library sleeve, contents good (includes PINEAPPLE POLL details and photos.) Books//Books £10.00
1981 Fraser-Simson, H. FOURTEEN SONGS from 'WHEN WE WERE VERY YOUNG'. Words by A.A.Milne. Decorations by E.H.Shepard. Methuen/Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew (hardback) pp34 (a) Eleventh edition (1927) with d/w @ £35.00 (b) Thirteenth Edition (1930) @ £12.00 Songbooks £35.00
60 FREER, Dawson THE TEACHING OF INTERPRETATION IN SONG. A guide for teachers and students. Red cloth 93pp. Winthrop Rogers
Books//Books £4.00
2052 GALLATLY, James M. THE CAVENDISH THIRTEENTH CONCERT PARTY ALBUM of Concerted Numbers by H.M.Burnaby & James M. Gallatly. Cavendish Music (1932) pp35 Songbooks £6.00
2051 GALLATLY, James M. THE CAVENDISH SIXTH CONCERT PARTY ALBUM of CONCERTED NUMBERS by Charles Hayes & James M. Gallatly. Cavendish Music (1925) pp33 (cover loose) Songbooks £6.00
61 GAMMOND, Peter An Illustrated Guide to Composers of OPERA. Salamander (1980) h/b (1980) pp240 Books//Books £5.00
62 GASS, Irene MY HISTORY OF MUSIC. Illustrations by McBeath. Evans (1st 1952) Books//Books £3.00
1765 GERSHWIN The Music of Gershwin by Steven E. Gilbert. Composers of the Twentieth Century. Yale (1995) pp255 d/w Books//Books £15.00
1956 GIANT MUSIC PORTFOLIO GIANT MUSIC PORTFOLIO : pp240, 100 popular songs. The Darwen and County Gazette (East Lancashire) (pre-WWI) Songbooks £15.00
2535 GIRDLESTONE, C.M. MOZART'S PIANO CONCERTOS. Cassell (1948) pp511 d/w Books//Books £30.00
2542 GOBBI, Tito TITO GOBBI : MY LIFE. Macdonald and Jane's (1979) pp217 d/w VG Books//Books £15.00
1401 GORDON, Edwin THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MUSIC TEACHING. Prentice-Hall, USA (1971) pp138, p/b Books//Books £5.00
2274 GOSS, John GOSS' HARMONY by Sir John Goss (1800-1880) (Sullivan's harmony teacher). AN INTRODUCTION TO HARMONY AND THOROUGH-BASS with Numerous Examples and Exercises. Cramer (inscribed 1883) pp92 (green cloth with gilt lettering on cover) Books//Books £25.00
63 GOUNOD A Day With by May Baron (colour plates). Hodder & Stoughton pp48 Books//Books £6.00
1336 GRADENWITZ, Peter MUSIC AND MUSICIANS IN ISR'L. A Comprehensive Guide to Modern Isr'li Music. Illustrated. Isr'li Music Publications Ltd., Tel Aviv (1959) pp226, discreet college stamps Books//Books £15.00
2590 GREIG, John THE MUSICAL EDUCATOR A Library of Musical Instruction by Eminent Specialists edited by John Greig, MA., Mus. Doc. in Five Volumes. Edinburgh T.C. & E.C. Jack, Grange Publishing Works (all plates with tissue paper). Volume IV : board marked with cup/mug circle, ow a very FINE set (no date, but late Victorian) Books//Books £125.00
64 GRIEG A Day with Edvard Grieg by M.C.Gillington. Paintings by T.H.Robinson (5). Hodder & Stoughton (1920s) Books//Books £5.00
1828 GRIEG, Edvard EDVARD GRIEG Diaries Articles Speeches. Edited and Translated by Finn Benestad & William H. Halverson. Peer Gynt Press, Columbus, Ohio USA (2001) pp455 h/b, d/w NEW ISBN 0-9645238-3-3 (9 780964 523838) Books//Books £16.00
1310 GROVE, George (ed. E.Blom) GROVE'S DICTIONARY OF MUSIC AND MUSICIANS Fifth Edition in nine volumes, 1954 - edited by Eric Blom. St. Martin's Press Inc., New York (college stamps)
Incomplete set (missing Vols. III; IV ; V; VII)

Volume I A - B pp1078 @ £7.00 each (or £35.00 for th ...
Books//Books £7.00
65 HADDON, J. Cuthbert (a) FAVOURITE OPERAS From Mozart to Mascagni. Their Plots, History and Music. With 24 drawings in colour by Byam Shaw. Nelson pp288 (1910) d/w @ £15.00

(b) another copy light college stamp along top edge, VG @ £10.00
Books//Books £15.00
66 HALLE A brief history of this famous British Orchestra
1858 - 1970. Pamphlet pp63. (c) Mich'l Kennedy and the Halle Concerts Society
Books//Books £3.00
71 HAMILTON, Mary A-Z of OPERA. Martini Facts on File (1990) d/w pp223 Books//Books £8.00
72 HANDEL THE LIFE OF GEORGE FREDERICK HANDEL by W.S.Rockstro. Macmillan (1883 1st) 446pp Books//Books £32.00
73 HANDEL by William H. Cummings. Bell's Miniature Series of Musicians (1906) t.e.g. Books//Books £5.00
74 HANSLICK, DR. Eduard THE BEAUTIFUL IN MUSIC A contribution to the revisal of musical 'sthetics. Translated by Gustav Cohen. Maroon cloth, gilt lettering. Front fly leaf removed. 174pp. Novello 1891 (7th ed. 1885) Books//Books £8.00
2529 HARDING, James FOLIES DE PARIS The Rise and Fall of French Operetta. Chappell/Elm Tree (1979) pp183 d/w (repaired) Books//Books £18.00
75 HARTNOLL, Phyllis THE CONCISE OXFORD COMPANION TO THE THEATRE (a) (1981) pp640 p/b 5.00 (b) (1991) pp640 p/b Books//Books £8.00
2291 HARTNOLL, Phyllis (ed.) SHAKESPEARE IN MUSIC A Collection of Essays by John Stevens, Charles Cudworth; Winton Dean and Roger Fiske. With a Catalogue of Musical Works. . Macmillan Papermac 177(1966) pp333 (covers unevenly faded) Books//Books £6.00
2606 HATTON, J.L. SONGS OF ENGLAND Vol. I A Collection of 200 English Melodies. Boosey & Co. pp40 red cloth Songbooks £10.00
76 HAWEIS, Rev. H.R. MUSIC AND MORALS. Daldy, Isbister & Co. (1879) pp554 dec. gilt boards Books//Books £25.00
3024 HAWEIS, Rev. H.R. MY MUSICAL LIFE. MENDELSSOHN, PAGANINI, STRADIVARIUS, LISZT, WAGNER. Longmans (1912 8th imp.) pp673 (navy cloth/front top right edge bumped) G&S Books £10.00
1755 HAYDN HAYDN. Oxford Composer Companions. Edited by David Wyn Jones. The first comprehensive guide to Haydn’s life, music, and legacy (2002) d/w pp515 NEW Books//Books £50.00
3037 HEADINGTON, Christopher OPERA. A HISTORY by Christopher Headington, Roy Westbrook, Terry Barfoot. Bodley Head (1987) pp399 (a few neat college stamps) ISBN 0-370-30889-1. VG with d/w Books//Books £7.00
1598 HERBERT, Victor THE VICTOR HERBERT ALBUM. Contents: Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life (The Dream
Melody) (1910); Kiss Me Again (1915); Gipsy Love Song (1908); When You're
Away (1914); I'm Falling in Love With Someone (1910); Italian Street Song
(1921). Feldman (1959) pp27
Songbooks £10.00
3056 HEWITT, Graham HOW TO SING. Illustrated by Shirley Bellwood. Elm Tree Books (1978) pp94 'How to Play' Series laminated wraps Books//Books £5.00
1327 HINES, Jerome THIS IS MY STORY, THIS IS MY SONG. Oliphants (1968 First British Edition) pp160 Books//Books £8.00
1721 HODGSON, Julian. HODGSON, Julian. MUSIC TITLES IN TRANSLATION a checklist of musical compositions. Bingley & Linnet (1976) h/b d/w pp370 VG Books//Books £15.00
3057 HOLD, Trevor THE WALLED-IN GARDEN The Songs of ROGER QUILTER (1877-1953). Thames1978/1996) pp63 Books//Books £5.00
2530 HOLLAND, A.K. HENRY PURCELL The Engliah Musical Tradition. Bell (1932 1st) pp248 Books//Books £10.00
77 HOLST, Imogen AN ABC OF MUSIC. Foreword by Benjamin Britten OUP (1969) Books//Books £6.00
2541 HOLST, Imogen GUSTAV HOLST With a Note by R. Vaughan Williams. OUP (1938 1st) pp200 d/w Books//Books £45.00
1337 HOPKINS, Antony TALKING ABOUT SYMPHONIES an analytical study of a number of well-known symphonies from Haydn to the present day. Heinemann (1961) pp157 h/b with worn d/w Books//Books £5.00
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5 Vol. Set @ £60.00
Books//Books £15.00
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Music Supplement of Overtures arranged for the Piano by SIR LANDON RONALD pp284
To be completed in 15 Fortnighly Parts (Complete), with many b&w photographs @ £60. ...
Books//Books £5.00
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another worn copy @ £5.00
Songbooks £10.00
1927 NOEL GAY'S 5th SONG ALBUM NOEL GAY'S 5th SONG ALBUM containing words, music, tonic-sol-fa, piano accordion, ukulele & guitar accompts. Contents : Bless You; Ashby de la Zouch; When You Play With Fire; My Little Pet Lamb; To Bed Early; Love Flies Out of the Window; Promises; When Alice Blue Gown Met Little Boy Blue; Let's Kee ...
Songbooks £6.00
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(1980) pp217 d/w (college stamp)
Books//Books £10.00
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1957 ROYAL NAVY WAR-SONG ALBUM ROYAL NAVY WAR-SONG ALBUM : Boys of the Ocean Blue; Old England's Still the Same; Hearts of Oak; England Expects That Every Man Will Do His Duty; Life on the Ocean Wave; Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue; The Union Jack of Old England; Rule Britannia. Newnes pp18 Songbooks £7.00
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x 5 copies
Books//Books £10.00
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118 THE BOOK OF MUSIC THE BOOK OF MUSIC. A visual guide to musical appreciation. Macdonald (1977) d/w pp192 Books//Books £10.00
2591 THE BRITISH STUDENTS' SONG BOOK THE BRITISH STUDENTS' SONG BOOK. Published for The Scottish Students' Song Book Committee Limited. Bayley & Ferguson (1913) pp359 Songbooks £25.00
2321 THE CHESTER BOOKS OF CELEBRATED SONGS THE CHESTER BOOKS OF CELEBRATED SONGS. Book One. Selected and graded for the developing voice. Selected and Edited by Shirley Leah (12). Chester 1981) pp36 (neat college stamps) x 2 copies (sl. worn) @ £4.00 each Songbooks £4.00
378 THE CLARENDON SONG BOOKS - II Edited by W.Gillies Whittaker, Herbert Wiseman, & J. Wishart. OUP (1929) Songbooks £1.00
387 THE JUST SO SONG BOOK. Words by Rudyard Kipling. Music by Edward German. Macmillan/ Novello (1919 reprint) pp62 decorative boards worn Songbooks £25.00
1396 THE MUSICAL TMES (founded 1844) ed. Stanley Sadie THE MUSICAL TMES @ £4.00 each unless otherwise stated:
Vol. 74 No. 1084 June, 1933 pp482-576 @ £10.00

Vol. 100 No. 1401 Nov. 1959 pp570-640 @ £7.00

Vol. 112 No. 1535 January 1971

Vol. 113 No. 1549 March 1972

Vol. CXX; No. 1632 (cover stained)

Vol. CXX, No. 1643 ...
Books//Books £4.00
88 THE POCKET KOBBE'S OPERA THE POCKET KOBBE'S OPERA. Ed. Earl of Harewood. Ebury Press (1994) d/w pp470 Books//Books £10.00
1761 THE RECORD OF SINGING THE RECORD OF SINGING by Mich'l Scott with illustrations from the Stuart-Liff Coillection. Duckworth. Volume 1 (1977) pp243 s/b ; Volume Two (1914-1925) (1979) pp262 h/b Books//Books £40.00
142 THE ROYAL CARL ROSA OPERA COMPANY STORIES OF THE OPERAS (16). 11 Texts by Harold R. White. Printed for Carl Rosa under the direction of H.B.Phillips pp32. Portrait of Carl Rosa (1842-1889) on cover by E.H.White n/d (in original but badly cracked clear paper wraps) Books//Books £10.00
2305 THE SONG FOLIO No.2 THE SONG FOLIO No.2. STANDARD VOCAL MUSIC with accompaniment for Piano or Organ by Favorite Foreign and American Composers. Shaw, USA (1886) (with artistes' portraits) pp208 (with Sullivan's 'The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring' and 'Tit Willow' from THE MIKADO) (mentions 'his forthcoming and lates ...
Songbooks £20.00
1395 THE STRAD (founded 1890) THE STRAD: A monthly journal for professional and amateurs of all stringed instruments played with the bow @ £4.00 each unless otherwise stated :
Vol. LXXX August 1969

Vol. LXXX1 No.969 Jan. 1971 - Vol. LXXXII No. 980 (12 issues) @ £48.00

Vol. LXXXII No. 983 March 1972
Vol. LXX ...
Books//Books £4.00
1. The Famous Intermezzo from CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA by Pietro Mascagni
2. Song. WHISPER AND I SHALL HEAR by M. Piccolomini
3. Waltz. DREAMING by Archibald Joyce
4. Song. TO MY SWEETHEART by Dorothy Beckwith
5. The ...
Songbooks £5.00
399 THE UNICORN TWO-PART SONG BOOK A Selection of Two-Part Songs (Vocal Edition) Curwen no date Songbooks £2.00
1523 THE VIOLIN BOOK THE VIOLIN BOOK. Over 350 full-colour photographs and artworks. Consultant : Robin Stowell. Contributors: Benjamin Dawson, John Dilworth, Duncan Druce, Max Harrison, Brian Harvey, Peter Holman, Anne Inglis, Peter Oxley, David Ratray, Stephen Res, Bernard Richardson, Helen Wallace, Trevor Williams. ...
Books//Books £50.00
163 THE WALTZ EMPERORS by Joseph Wechsberg. The Life and Times and Music of the Strauss Family. Weidenfeld & Nicolson (1973 1st) d/w VG Books//Books £12.00
170 THEATRE LONDON London Transport (1980) pp200 Books//Books £6.00
1966 THREE TRADITIONAL YORKSHIRE SONGS THREE TRADITIONAL YORKSHIRE SONGS arranged with Piano Accompaniment by Frank Wade : 1. Madam, I 'ave comed in coortin (collected, 1949, by Brian Branston); 2. Mrs Bond (collected by the Rev. S. Baring-Gould); 3. Bee-Bye, Butterfly (collected, 1949, by Brian Branston). Lengwick (1950) pp3 (sellotape repair across music) Songbooks £3.00
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3071 TURNER, Dame Eva DAME EVA TURNER A Celebration of her Ninetieth Birthday. Covent Garden Sunday 14th March 1982 pp16 booklet + outer wraps (in association with The Daily Telegraph) Books//Books £8.00
1335 VAN VECHTEN, Carl THE MUSIC OF SPAIN. With Preface and Notes by Pedro G. Morales. Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. (1920) pp192 h/b, discreet college stamps Books//Books £10.00
177 VERDI BY Peter Southwell-Sander (1986) THE ILLUSTRATED LIVES OF THE GREAT COMPOSERS Softback. Omnibus Press NEW Books//Books £6.00
1319 VERDI VERDI BUSINESSMAN by Paolo Panico. Gruppo Editoriale Atman (2002) pp317
Books//Books £10.00
182 VERDI By Joseph Wechberg. Arts Book Society Readers Union Group (1974) 255pp d/w VG Books//Books £12.00
181 VERDI VERDI and His Operas. Ed. Stanley Sadie. The New Grove Composers Series (2000) pp242 h/b NEW Books//Books £8.00
1743 VERDI THE COMPLETE OPERAS OF VERDI. A critical guide by Charles Osborne. Gollancz (1969) pp485 d/w Books//Books £15.00
2298 VERDI, G FALSTAFF. Cambridge Opera Handbooks. By James A. Hepokoski. Cambridge University Press (1983) pp180 Books//Books £5.00
178 VILLA-LOBOS By Lisa Peppercorn. Edited by Audrey Sampson (1989) THE ILLUSTRATED LIVES OF THE GREAT COMPOSERS Softback. Omnibus Press NEW Books//Books £6.00
179 VIVALDI By John Booth (1989) THE ILLUSTRATED LIVES OF THE GREAT COMPOSERS Softback. Omnibus Press NEW Books//Books £6.00
183 WAGNER by Robert L. Jacobs. The Master Musicians ed. Blom. Dent (1947 reprint) pp268 d/w, VG Books//Books £6.00
1758 WAGNER THE OPERAS OF WAGNER by J. Cuthbert Hadden. Twenty-Four plates in colour from drawings by Byam Shaw. Jack (1908) p246. Red cloth, gilt lettering and design on front board and spine. Half-title page foxed + edges of pages, plates unaffected
Books//Books £20.00
3053 WALLACE, Ian PROMISE ME YOU’LL SING MUD! The Autobiography of Ian Wallace. Calder (1975) d/w Books//Books £10.00
2512 WALTER, Bruno OF MUSIC AND MUSIC-MAKING Bruno Walter translated by Paul Hamburger. Faber and Faber (1957: translation 1961) no d/w pp222 top of spine rubbed, ow good copy Books//Books £20.00
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187 WARBURTON, Annie O SCORE READING, FORM and HARMONY. Longman (1975) p/b pp208 Books//Books £4.00
186 WARBURTON, Annie O HARMONY. Longman (1975) First published 1938. New Edition 1952 Books//Books £6.00
180 WEBER By Anthony Friese-Greene (1991) THE ILLUSTRATED LIVES OF THE GREAT COMPOSERS Softback. Omnibus Press NEW Books//Books £6.00
1783 WEIGHTMAN, Gavin BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY. London Entertained 1830-1950. A major LWT TV Series. Collins & Brown (1992) pp160 Books//Books £15.00
188 WESTRUP, Sir Jack and HARRISON, F.Ll. COLLINS ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MUSIC. Revised by Conrad Wilson. Collins/Chancellor Press (1986 reprint) pp608 d/w Books//Books £15.00
189 WHITTAKER, W.G. CLASS-SINGING. Marbled boards, grubby, 136pp. OUP (1930 2nd ed.) Books//Books £5.00
3049 WILLIAMS, Harcourt VIC - WELLS The Work of Lilian Baylis. Cobden-Sanderson (1938) pp106 (with obituary press-cuting), remnants of d/w in protective library sleeve Books//Books £10.00
1405 WINDEBANK, Florence MUSIC READING FOR YOUNG CHILDREN with a Foreword by Athur Hutchings. Novello (1966) pp164, p/b Books//Books £6.00
1463 WINTERS, Geoffrey MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS IN THE CLASSROOM. Longman (1972 3rd imp.) p/b pp107 (2 copies) Books//Books £4.00
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194 YOUNGHUSBAND, Jan ORCHESTRA The Book of the Channel Four Television Series (1991) pp214 d/w Books//Books £15.00
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