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3092   BALLET POSTCARDS (plain back):-
(a)LESLIE EDWARDS "Benno" Le Lac des Cygnes (Act II). Photo Anthony Copyright 269 @ £6.00
(b)JUNE BRAE, ANTHONY BURKE AND DONALD BRITTON La Fete Etrange. Copyright Mandinian OK.3. @ £6.00
(c)DONALD MACLEARY The Sleeping Beauty Phot Roy Bound Copyright 047 @ £6. ...
Orchestral//Ballet Music £6.00
358 CHOPIN,F. LES SYLPHIDES Op.28, No.7 A Romantic Reverie in One Act by Michel Fokine. Paxton (1941) Photo of Covent Garden Production on coloured pictorial cover Piano//Ballet £4.00
359 CONS, Auguste RUSSIAN BALLET DANCES. Suite for Piano. No.1 AIR DE BALLET No.2 PEASANT DANCE No.3 SLEIGH BELL DANCE 4. GIPSY DANCE. The Royal College Edition No.65 Leonard, Gould & Bolttler (c) 1913 (cover loose) pp24 Piano//Ballet £4.00
2336 DELIBES MAZURKA from 'Coppelia'. Arr. by Adam Carse : Violin I x 3; Violin II; `Cello-Bass x 2; Score (from which missing Viola part could be realised) ; Piano - Conductor (with Condensed Score). Music for School Orchestras. Augener (1930) Orchestral//Ballet Music £10.00
360 DELIBES COPPELIA. Excerpts from the ballet. Arranged for Piano Solo by Edric Cundell. Paxton pp28 (c)1922 non-coloured cover Piano//Ballet £3.00
362 DELIBES COPPELIA VALSE Arranged by Victor Ambrose. Wright (1946) Piano//Ballet £2.00
1920 DELIBES COPPELIA Ballet . Banks Sixpenny Edition No.99 pp7 Piano//Ballet £2.00
1854 DELIBES, Leo INDIAN BALLET from the Opera LAKME (arr. L. Weninger) : Violine I (Direction); Violine obligato; Violoncello; Bass; Flote; Klarinette I; Tromba; Posaune; Percussion; Harmonium; Piano. Benjamin, Hamberg-Leipzig n/d Orchestral//Ballet Music £15.00
2337 DELIBES, Leo BALLET SUITE 'LA SOURCE' (Divertissement) arr. Ross Jungnickel : Violin I; Violin II; Viola; Cello; Basso; Flauto; Clarinet I in A; Cornet I in A; Cornet II in A; Trombone III & Tuba; Timpani; Piano pp8. Artist's Ochestral Repertoire No.4 USA Orchestral//Ballet Music £5.00
1533 DELIBES, Leo SYLVIA Selected Melodies arr. Henry Geehl. Ashdown (1947) pp12 (worn) Piano//Ballet £2.00
3100 EWING, Montague FIREFLIES Ballet Suite for Piano. Ernest Stuttard, Burnley, Lancs. (1919) pp16 Piano//Ballet £5.00
363 GOUNOD, Ch. FAUST Piano Solo. Chappell Piano//Ballet £4.00
1883 INFANTA, Manuel MADRILENE Air de Ballet (Orch. par A.G.A.Moignard) : 1st Violon x 2; 2nd Violon; Violoncelle; Contrebasse; Flutes; 1st Clarinette in B-flat; 2 Trompettes in C; 3rd Trombone; Timbales, Tambour de Basque & Castagnettes; Piano Conductor pp9. Evette & Sch'ffer, Paris (1923) Orchestral//Ballet Music £10.00
364 KHACHATURIAN, Aram SABRE DANCE from Gayne Ballet Suite. Adapted and arranged for Piano Solo by Albert Marland. Chappell (1948) Piano//Ballet £2.00
1880 LACOME, P. PIZZICATO/PANTOMIME Airs de Ballet suite d'Orchestre : 1st Violon x 3; 2nd Violon; Altos; Violoncelle; C. Basse; Flutes; 1st Clarinette in B-flat; Bassons; 1st Piston in A; 1st & 2nd Trombones; 3rd Trombone; Timbales et Triangle; Grosse Caisse; Piano Conductor. Hachette (1898) Orchestral//Ballet Music £10.00
1933 LUIGINI, Alexandre BALLET EGYPTIEN No.1 (arr. Ernest Reeves). United Music Publishers Ltd. Pages 19 Piano//Ballet £8.00
2471 LULLY MENUET du BOURGEOIS GENTILHOMME Ballet de Moliere. Transcription by J.B.Wekerlin : 1st Violins x 7; 2nd Violins x 9; Altos; Violoncelles et C-Basses; Flutes/Hautbois/Bassoons on one part; Piano pp2 x 4. Durand, Paris Orchestral//Ballet Music £10.00
1865 PONCHIELLI, A THE DANCE OF THE HOURS Ballet from La Gioconda (Opera of 1876) (arr. King Palmer) : 1st Violin (missing); 2nd Violin; Viola; Bass; Flutes; Oboe; Clarinets; Bassoon; Horns; Trumpets; 1st & 2nd Trombones; Bass Trombone; 1st E-flat Alto Saxophone x 3; 2nd E-flat Alto Saxophone x 3; B-flat Tenor Saxopho ...
Orchestral//Ballet Music £15.00
604 PONCHIELLI, A DANZA DELLE ORE nell'Opera LA GIOCONDA arr. Angelo Fumagalli: Pianoforte x 2/ Violino 1 (A) x 3/ Violino 1 (B)/ Violino 2 x 3/ Viola/ Violoncello/ Contrabasso/ Flauto/ Oboe/ Corno 1 & 2 in A/ Tromba 1 & 2 in A/ Gran Cassa e Piatti.
Orchestral//Ballet Music £15.00
365 PONCHIELLI, A. DANCE OF THE HOURS (from the opera La Gioconda)

(a) Easily arranged for Pianoforte. Paxton (1937) Illustrated cover (see Orchestral Parts - Ballet) @ £3.00

(b) SUITE DE BALLET arr. Mich'l Leslie. Ricordi (edition no. 120912) (illustrated music cover) (1928) pp13 @ £10.00
Piano//Ballet £3.00
2779 SULLIVAN-BROOKE, H. BALLET D'OISEAU Danse Fantastique. Featured in the London Lyceum Pantomime, "The Babes in the Wood". Piano pp7 x 2 copies. Flute; Oboe; Clarinets in B-flat; Bassoon; Horns in F; Cornets in B-flat; 1st & 2nd Trombones; Bass Trombone; Tympani B-flat - F, Drums etc.; Harp; 1st Violin x 5; 2nd Violin x ...
Orchestral//Ballet Music £20.00
373 TSCHAIKOVSKY, P. THE SWAN LAKE Suite from the Ballet arr. King Palmer. Simplified Edition. Paxton (1947) pp17 (coloured cover) Piano//Ballet £4.00
367 TSCHAIKOWSKY, P. CASSE-NOISETTE. Transcribed for Piano Solo by G.H.Clutsam. Ashdown (c) 1901 coloured decorative panel Piano//Ballet £5.00
1280 TSCHAIKOWSKY, P. NUT-CRACKER Suite (Fantasia) Simplified Edition. Paxton (1943) pp19 (worn) Piano//Ballet £2.00
366 TSCHAIKOWSKY, P. THE NUT-CRACKER. Excerpts arranged for Piano Solo by Granville Bantock. Paxton (1944) pp16 (colour cover) Piano//Ballet £5.00
369 TSCHAIKOWSKY, P. CASSE-NOISETTE SUITE arr. as DUETS by Edwin Evans from the Full Score. Reeves (n/d) pp75, olive boards, VG Piano//Ballet £20.00
370 TSCHAIKOWSKY, P. SELECTED MELODIES FROM THE SWAN LAKE. Arranged by Henry Geel. Ashdown (1943). Coloured cover Piano//Ballet £4.00
368 TSCHAIKOWSKY, P. VALSE DE FLEURS (arr. Geo. H. Farnell) Piano Solo with Violin & Cello. Banks Ed. No.154 (1931) pp8 (with parts on decorated wraps) Piano//Ballet £5.00
371 TSCHAIKOWSKY, P. THE SWAN LAKE WALTZ.Paxton (1942) Piano//Ballet £2.00
372 TSHAIKOVSKY, P. THE SWAN LAKE : Selection arr. King Palmer. Paxton (1944) pp4 Piano//Ballet £2.00
2363 VECSEY, Armand BALLET SUITE (arr. Otto Langley) : I Carnival; II Love Scene; III Pierrot and Pierrette; IV Oriental; V Finale : Violin I x 2; Violin Obbligato; Violin II X 2; Viola; Violoncello x 2; Bass; Flute I; Clarinet I in B-flat; Trumpet I in B-flat; Trumpets II and II in B-flat; Trombone III; Drums; Harmon ...
Orchestral//Ballet Music £10.00
1522 WORLD FAMOUS BALLET MUSIC WORLD FAMOUS BALLET MUSIC Book 1 : COPPELIA by Delibes; DANCE OF THE HOURS (La Gioconda) by Ponchielli; LES SYLPHIDES by Chopin; MIGNON by Thomas; ROSAMUNDE by Schubert; SPECTRE DE LA ROSE by Weber and THE SWAN LAKE by Tschaikowsky. Paxton ((1948) pp56 (with b&w photos.) (outer colour wraps detached) ow good Piano//Ballet £5.00
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