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1005 . LATIN QUARTER 1950 (Musical): C'EST SI BON Melody by Henri Betti. English Lyric by Jerry Seelen. French Lyric by Andre Hornez. Sung by Sylvie St.Clair. Maurice (1950) Popular Music//1950's £2.00
1256 Adams, Kurt SOMEWHERE ALONG THE WAY. Words by Sammy Gallop. Magna Music (1952) (with b&w photo. of Nat `King' Cole on cover) Popular Music//1950's £5.00
1899 BORODIN, A AND THIS IS MY BELOVED in E-flat (ed. Wm. Ellfeldt). Words and Music by Robert Wright and George Forrest from KISMET (film). Frank Music Company (1953) pp5 Popular Music//1950's £4.00
1105 CARSON, Milton MY LOVE AND DEVOTION. Sung by Perry Como. Fields (1952) Popular Music//1950's £1.00
1242 CHAPLIN, Charles The Theme from LIMELIGHT. Piano Solo. Bourne (1953) pp4 (with
b&w photo. of Chaplin on cover)
Popular Music//1950's £5.00
1106 CONNOR, Tommie I SAW MOMMY KISSING SANTA CLAUS. Morris (1952) Photo of The Beverley Sisters Popular Music//1950's £2.00
1000 DEAR MISS PHOEBE Music by Harry Davies. Lyrics Chris. Hassall. Song: I Leave my Heart in an English Garden. Sun (1950) pp5 Popular Music//1950's £3.00
1107 FAIN, Sammy APRIL LOVE. Lyric Paul F. Webster. F.D.&Hunter (1957) pp3. Sung by Pat Boone (cover sl. torn) Popular Music//1950's £2.00
1108 GAZE, Heino. I'D GIVE YOU THE WORLS. Lyric Harold Spina. Photo of David Whitfield. Macmelodies (1957) pp3 Popular Music//1950's £2.00
1109 GLENN, Arthur (Words and Music) CRYING IN THE CHAPEL. Morris (1953) Photo of Lee Lawrence Popular Music//1950's £2.00
1110 GREAN, Charles and MOORE, Marvin I DREAMED. Duchess Music (1956) Photo of The Beverley Sisters Popular Music//1950's £2.00
1111 HILLIARD, Bob & MANN, Dave EARIE. Campbell Connelly (1950) Photo of The Five Smith Bros. Popular Music//1950's £2.00
1255 HOFFMAN, Al and MANNING, Dick MOON-TALK (featuring b&w photo. of Perry Como on cover). Leeds Music (1958) Popular Music//1950's £5.00
1112 MASON, Gerry (Words & Music). I'LL THINK OF YOU. Sung by Vera Lynn. Maurice (1951) pp3 Popular Music//1950's £2.00
1113 MAXIN, Ernest (Words & Music) DON'T EVER GO. B.F.Wood (1956) Popular Music//1950's £2.00
1114 MODUGNO, Domenico (English Lyric by Mitchell Parish) Original Italian Text by D. Modugno - F. Migliacci VOLARE (Vo - Lah - Ray) Nel Blu, Dipinto di Blu. Robbins (1958) Popular Music//1950's £2.00
1006 MOULIN ROUGE: WHERE IS YOUR HEART (The song from Moulin Rouge). Music by Georges Auric. Words by William Engvick. From the Romulus Picture MOULIN ROUGE. Campbell, Connelly (1953) Popular Music//1950's £2.00
1007 MR WONDERFUL Music & Lyrics by Jerry Bock etc. Valando (1956) Popular Music//1950's £2.00
2579 NEWMAN, Lionel KISS. Words by Haven Gillespie. Sung by Marilyn Monroe in the 20th Century-Fox Picture 'NIAGARA'. Francis, Day & Hunter (1952) pp3 (illustrated cover with photos. from the film) Popular Music//1950's £5.00
1748 NOVELLO, Ivor IVOR NOVELLO Song Album from his famous Musical Plays. Words & Music of : Someday My Heart Will Awake; I Can Give You the Starlight; Music In May; Waltz of My Heart; Love Is My Reason

Chappell (1955) pp23
Popular Music//1950's £5.00
1008 PICKWICK: IF I RULED THE WORLD Music by Cyril Ornadel. Words by Leslie Bricusse. Chappell (1963) Popular Music//1950's £1.00
1116 POCKRISS, Lee (Words by Bob Hilliard) (SEVEN LITTEL GIRLS) SITTING IN THE BACK SEAT. Sheldon (1959) Popular Music//1950's £2.00
1568 PORTER, Cole TRUE LOVE from HIGH SOCIETY. Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter. Chappell (1955/6) pp4 Popular Music//1950's £3.00
2684 QUADLING, Lew and ELLIOTT, Jack SAM'S SONG (THE HAPPY TUNE) Sung by Gracie Fields (portrait on cover). The Sterling Music Publishing Co., Ltd (1950) pp4 Popular Music//1950's £5.00
1117 ROBBINS, Marty A WHITE SPORT COAT (And a Pink Carnation). Frank Music (1957) Photo of The King Brothers Popular Music//1950's £2.00
1457 RODGERS, R. THE SOUND OF MUSIC Selections. Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein 2nd. Easy-to-Play Piano Solos arr. Mischa Portnoff. Williamson (1959/60) pp16 (landscape) Musicals/Revues/Plays/Films//1950's £5.00
1571 SALUTE TO JOLSON SALUTE TO JOLSON: Rock-a-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody (1918/46); California (1924); For Me and My Gal (1917/32); I'm Just Wild About Harry (1921); Lullaby of Broadway (1935); Avalon (1920); I Only Have Eyes For You (1934); Forty Second Street (1932). Featured in the Columbia Pictures THE JOLSON ...
Musicals/Revues/Plays/Films//1950's £10.00
1118 SIGMAN, Carl and FAITH, Percy MY HEART CRIES FOR YOU. Morris (1950) Photo of Geoffrey Everitt from Radio Luxembourg Popular Music//1950's £2.00
1009 SINGIN' IN THE RAIN Music by Nacio Herb Brown. Words by Arthur Freed. VOCAL SELECTION. Robbins (1952) Photo of Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds Popular Music//1950's £2.00
1247 SLADE, Julian SALAD DAYS Piano Selection. A Musical Entertainment. Book & Lyrics by Julian Slade & Dorothy Reynolds. Francis, Day & Hunter (1954) pp11 Popular Music//1950's £6.00
1011 SOUTH PACIFIC Piano Selection. Williamson (1951) pp11 Popular Music//1950's £4.00
1002 THE KING AND I by Rodgers and Hammerstein. PIANO SELECTION. Williamson (1951) Popular Music//1950's £6.00
1003 THE KING AND I by Rodgers and Hammerstein EASY-TO-PLAY by William Stickles (1956) pp17 Popular Music//1950's £5.00
1010 THE SOUND OF MUSIC by Rodgers and Hammerstein. Vocal Selection. Williamson (c1959)pp31 (from the film) @ £5.00 Popular Music//1950's £5.00
1257 WARREN, Harry AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER (Our Love Affair) (from the film). Words by Harold Adamson and Leo McCarey. French words by Tanis Chandler. Robbins Music (1957)
(with b&w photo. of Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr on cover)
Popular Music//1950's £5.00
2038 WEAVER, Richard TO BE IN LOVE. Words by Roger Magin. Boosey & Co. (1958) pp6 Popular Music//1950's £6.00
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