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1071 ALLAN, Roy & BRADBURY, Stan DON'T YOU EVER CRY. Wood (1940) Popular Music//1940's £1.00
2018 BEADELL, Miss E. & TOLLERTON, Miss N. CRUISING DOWN THE RIVER. The Winning Song in the Hammersmith Palais 'WRITE A TUNE' Contest. Featured and Broadcast by PHIL GREEN. Cinephonic Music Co. (1946) pp4 Popular Music//1940's £4.00
1072 BERLIN, Irving IT'S A LOVELY DAY TOMORROW. Photo. Donald Peers. Chappell (1940) pp3 Popular Music//1940's £4.00
1073 BLOOM,Rube FOOLS RUSH IN. Words Johnny Mercer. Cavendish (1940) photo of Vera Lynn Popular Music//1940's £3.00
1074 BOYD, Ray (Written & Composed). NO SOUVENIRS. Wright (1940) Popular Music//1940's £2.00
993 BRIGADOON by Lerner and Loewe. Song Hits. Fox (1947) pp24 Popular Music//1940's £5.00
1076 CARMICH'L, Hoagy SKYLARK. Words Johnny Mercer. Chappell (1942) Popular Music//1940's £1.00
994 CAROUSEL: IF I LOVED YOU Music by Richard Rodgers. Words by Oscar Hammerstein 2nd. Williamson (1945) (cover detached) Popular Music//1940's £2.00
2065 COATES, Eric STAR OF GOD. Words by Fred. E. Weatherly. Chappell (1942) pp4 Popular Music//1940's £3.00
1077 COLLINS, Walter (arr.) LET HIM GO, LET HIM TARRY The Popular Irish Song. Paxton (1945) soiled Popular Music//1940's £1.00
995 DIXIE: SUNDAY, MONDAY, ALWAYS Words by Johnny Burke. Music by Jimmy van Heusen. With Bing Crosby. Victoria (1943) pp4 (15.5 x 24cms) Popular Music//1940's £2.00
1717 ELGAR, Edward SONG OF LIBERTY (POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE MARCH No.4). Song in E-flat. Words by A.P.Herbert. Boosey (1940) pp7 Popular Music//1940's £4.00
2048 ELLIOTT, Leslie LIFE BRINGS A SONG. Song. No.1 in C. Words by J.M. (Published in the 'People' 2-12-34). Boosey (1942) pp4 Popular Music//1940's £3.00
1902 ELLIS, Vivian I WAS NEVER KISSED BEFORE from BLESS THE BRIDE. Music by Vivian Ellis. Words by A.P.Herbert. Chappell (1947) ppp5 Popular Music//1940's £4.00
1078 ERICKSON, Jack (Lyric by Don George) RUSTIC RHAPSODY Lafleur (1941) Popular Music//1940's £2.00
1079 FRANCIS & DAY'S 70th ALBUM F.D.& Hunter (1943) pp32 Popular Music//1940's £3.00
1081 HILMAN Roc and NAPTON, Johnny (Words & Music) MY DEVOTION Campbell Connelly (1942) Paper Economy - War Edition. Photo of Victor Silvester Popular Music//1940's £2.00
1082 HILMAN Roc and NAPTON, Johnny (Words & Music) MY DEVOTION Campbell Connelly (1942) (photo of Joe Loss) Popular Music//1940's £1.00
1083 HOFFMAN, Al; LIVINGSTON, Jerry and LAMPL, Carl G. CLOSE TO YOU. Dash (1943) photo of Vera Lynn Popular Music//1940's £2.00
1084 JOSEPH, Ray (Words by David Mack) A SINNER KISSED AN ANGEL Victoria (1941) Popular Music//1940's £2.00
3002 KHACHATURIAN, A. SABRE DANCE. Words by Allan Roberts and Lester Lee. From GAYNE BALLET. Leeds Music Ltd. (1948) pp7. Featuring THE ANDREWS SISTERS Popular Music//1940's £6.00
1085 LEWIS, Al; STOCK, Larry and ROSE, Vincent. BLUEBERRY HILL. Victoria (1940) Popular Music//1940's £2.00
1086 MARKS, Johnny (Words and Music). RUDOLPH, THE RED-NOSED REINDEER. Chappell (1949) pp4 VG Popular Music//1940's £5.00
1087 MURRAY, Alan (Words by Carlene Graham) TOO TIRED TO SLEEP. Prowse (1947) Popular Music//1940's £2.00
1088 MUSEL, Bob; SONIN, Ray & CONNELLY, Reg THE HOMECOMING WALTZ. Connelly (1943) Popular Music//1940's £1.00
1089 MUSIC WHILE YOU WORK Selection of Popular Song Hits. Lennox (1941) pp8 Popular Music//1940's £4.00
1090 NEWMAN, Al. (Words and Music) LET THE CURTAIN COME DOWN. Cinephonic (1940) Popular Music//1940's £2.00
1091 NOEL, Art and MESENE, Jimmy (Words & Music). WE BOTH TOLD A LIE. Sung by Vera Lynn. Sun Music (1941) pp4 Popular Music//1940's £4.00
996 PACIFIC 1860 Selection Noel Coward. Arranged by Robb Stewart. Chappell (1947) Popular Music//1940's £5.00
1092 PARKER, Ross MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY I LOVE YOU. Dash (1949) Popular Music//1940's £2.00
1093 PICKERING, E.M. and TURNER, John (Words & Music) HE STOLE MY HEART AWAY Paxton (1942) Photo of Beryl Davis Popular Music//1940's £2.00
1094 RENE, Leon, SCOTT, Emerson & RENE, Otis SOMEONE'S ROCKING MY DREAMBOAT Chappell (1941) Popular Music//1940's £2.00
1715 RODGERS & HAMMERSTEIN MISTER SNOW from CAROUSEL (1945) pp7 Popular Music//1940's £4.00
1718 RODGERS, Richard YOU MUSN'T KICK IT AROUND from `Pal Joey'. Music by Richard Rodgers. Lyrics by Lorenz Hart. Chappell (1940) pp5 Popular Music//1940's £5.00
3003 ROTA, Nino The Legend of THE GLASS MOUNTAIN from the music of the film THE GLASS MOUNTAIN. Piano Solo. A Renown Pictures Presentation. Keith Prowse (1949) pp8 Musicals/Revues/Plays/Films//1940's £5.00
1095 SEILER, Eddie; MARCUS, Sol and BENJAMIN, Bennie WHEN THE LIGHTS GO ON AGAIN (ALL OVER THE WORLD). Dash (1942) Popular Music//1940's £3.00
1096 STEVENS, Bert & WHAGNER, Larry THE WHISTLER'S MOTHER-IN-LAW Southern (1941) Popular Music//1940's £2.00
1097 STONE, Jesse (Words & Music) IDAHO Chappell (1942) Popular Music//1940's £2.00
1098 STRAUSS, Art IF YOU HADN'T ASKED ME TO DANCE. A Romantic Waltz Ballad. Words Sonny Miller. Norris (1940) Popular Music//1940's £1.00
2019 TAUBER, Richard Songs from 'Old Chelsea' (Musical Romance). Composed & Sung by RICHARD TAUBER. Book by Walter Ellis. Words by Fred S. Tysh. Lawrence Wright (1942) pp31 Popular Music//1940's £8.00
997 THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY: LITTLE YELLOW BIRD Sung by Angela Lansbury (photo). Written and Composed by C.W.Murphy & Wm. Hargreaves. F.D.& Hunter (1945) Popular Music//1940's £2.00
999 THE ROAD TO SINGAPORE: THE MOON AND THE WILLOW TREE. Music by Victor Schertzinger. Words by Johnny Burke. Victoria (1940) same scene on both music covers from film with Dorothy Lamour and Bing Crosby Popular Music//1940's £4.00
998 THE ROAD TO SINGAPORE: TOO ROMANTIC Music by James V. Monaco. Words by Johnny Burke Popular Music//1940's £4.00
1099 WATSON, Muriel; DENBY, Jack and NICHOLLS, Horatio THIS YEAR'S ROSES. Wright (1940) Popular Music//1940's £3.00
2695 WHITNEY, Joan & KRAMER, Alex FAR AWAY PLACES. Leeds Music, London (1948) pp3. Recorded by Bing Crosby Popular Music//1940's £4.00
1100 WINKLER, Franz FOREVER and EVER. Words by Malia Rosa. Recorded by Gracie Fields. Francis,Day and Hunter (1948) Popular Music//1940's £3.00
1104 WRUBEL, Allie RANCHO PILLOW. Words Charles Newman. Feldman (1941) Photo of Henry Hall Popular Music//1940's £2.00
1103 WRUBEL, Allie I'M STEPPING OUT WITH A MEMORY TO-NIGHT. Words Herb Magidson. Featured and broadcast by Bebe Daniels (photo) Sun (1940) Popular Music//1940's £2.00
1102 WRUBEL, Allie I CAN'T LOVE YOU ANY MORE (Any More Than I Do). Words Herb Magidson. F.D.& Hunter (1940) Popular Music//1940's £2.00
1101 WRUBEL, Allie I CAN'T LOVE YOU ANY MORE (Any More Than I Do). Words Herb Magidson. F.D.& Hunter (1940) grease spot bottom right Popular Music//1940's £1.00
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50 records found.