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1272 BARRATT, Augustus FUN OF THE FAYRE (Charles B. Cochran's Revue by John Hastings Turner at the London Pavilion) Song: BEAUTY'S CHARMS. Francis, Day & Hunter (1921) pp5 (with b&w photo. of Geoffrey Gwyther - singer - on cover) Popular Music//1920's £5.00
2021 BERLIN, Irving ALL ALONE Waltz Song in Archibald de Bear's Production of THE PUNCH-BOWL. Sung by Norah Blaney. Francis Day & Hunter (1924) pp5 Popular Music//1920's £5.00
1587 Borganoff, Igor GIPSY MOON Valse Song ( Also known as 'Mustalainen', 'Zigeunerweisen', 'Hand in Hand'). Words by Frank Eyton. Chappell (1927) (coloured illustrative cover) VG pp5 Popular Music//1920's £6.00
1017 BRISTOL, Esmond (Words by John Masefield) THE OLD BOLD MATE
Novello (1922)
Popular Music//1920's £2.00
966 BROADWAY MELODY: THE WEDDING OF THE PAINTED DOLL Music Brown/ Lyrics Freed. Prowse (1929) pp7 Popular Music//1920's £5.00
1018 CANNING, Irene Akerley JUST BEEN WOND'RING ALL DAY LONG. Song with violin obligato (no part). No.2 in E flat. Cover detached. Feldman (1921) Popular Music//1920's £1.00
968 CHARIG, Philip LUCKY GIRL . Libretto & Lyrics by Douglas Furber, R.P.Weston & Bert Lee. PIANOFORTE SELECTION. Chappell (1928) Popular Music//1920's £3.00
1521 CHARLESTON FRANCIS & DAY'S NEW CHARLESTON AND FOX-TROT ALBUM (includes music by Irving Berlin and Vivian Ellis) With photographic description of the NEW FLAT CHARLESTON by Santos Casani and Jose Lennard. Francis, Day & Hunter (1926) pp48 Musicals/Revues/Plays/Films//1920's £15.00
1998 COLEMAN, James TWILIGHT SHADOWS Song No.3 inA-flat. Words Aubrey Stanhope. The City Music Publishing Co., Lichfield (1922) pp6 Popular Music//1920's £3.00
1019 DAY, Maude Craske ARISE, O SUN. No.2 in Eb. with organ accompt. Words by Edward Lockton. Cramer (1921) Popular Music//1920's £2.00
1020 ELTINGE, Jay ANGELUS Waltz Song. Words by Rex Halm. Feldman (1923). Sung by Miss Florrie Forde Popular Music//1920's £5.00
1914 FISHER, Howard AN OLD VIOLIN Song. Words by Helen Taylor. No.1 in F (with Violin Obbligato) Boosey (1929/31) pp5 (Featured by Albert Sandler, Olive Groves & Jean Melville) Popular Music//1920's £4.00
1616 FRIML, Rudolf and STOTHART, Herbert ROSE MARIE Piano Selection : selected and arranged by H.M.Higgs. Chappell (1925) pp11 Musicals/Revues/Plays/Films//1920's £5.00
1934 GIDEON, Melville IT'LL BE ALL THE SAME (A HUNDRED YEARS FROM NOW). Words by Arthur Anderson. Sung by Leslie Henson (with portrait) in Grossmith & Laurillard's Winter Garden Theatre production A NIGHT OUT. Darewski (1920) pp5 Popular Music//1920's £5.00
2029 HAMBLEN, Bernard BESIDE STILL WATERS Song No.2 in A-flat. Enoch (1925) pp6 Popular Music//1920's £0.00
1022 HUGHES, Herbert (ed.). THE LARK IN CLEAR AIR. Verses by Samuel Ferguson. Boosey & Hawkes. Song Series of Ireland (1926) pp5 Popular Music//1920's £3.00
1594 KERN, Jerome SHOW BOAT by Jerome Kern. Piano Selection. Chappell (1928) pp11 Musicals/Revues/Plays/Films//1920's £6.00
1024 KING, Irving THE MORE WE ARE TOGETHER. Irving King Music (1926) Popular Music//1920's £1.00
971 MAYSON, Edward ON WITH THE SHOW : PERFUME OF THE PAST (Parfum du Passe) Song ( British
version by Ray Morelle) (+ piano valse version) pp.7. Wright (1922) Music by Edward Mayson.
Popular Music//1920's £4.00
1025 McHUGH, Jimmy I CANT'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING BUT LOVE. Words Dorothy Fields. Wright (1928) (photo. of Layton and Johnstone) Popular Music//1920's £3.00
2016 McHUGH, Jimmy A JAPANESE DREAM Fox-Trot Ballad. Lyrics by Dorothy Fields. Featured by Bert Ambrose and his orchestra at the Mayfair Hotel. Lawrence Wright (1929) pp5 Popular Music//1920's £5.00
969 MISTER CINDERS Piano Selection arr. H.M.Higgs. Music by Vivian Ellis & Richard Myers. Chappell (1928) pp13 Popular Music//1920's £6.00
1180 Newton, Harold YORKSHIRE MINE. Wharfedale Music Publishing pp6 (1920's) (cover grubby) Popular Music//1920's £4.00
1026 NICHOLLS, Horatio CITY OF LAUGHTER CITY OF TEARS. Words by Worton David. Wright (1920) Popular Music//1920's £2.00
970 NO, NO, NANETTE Music by V.Youmans. PIANO SELECTION. Chappell (1925) pp11 Popular Music//1920's £6.00
1182 OLMAN, Abe O - HI - O. (O - MY - O!). Vocal One-Step. Written by Jack Yellen. Francis, Day & Hunter (1920) pp3 Popular Music//1920's £4.00
1027 POLLACK, Lew and LIVELY, Katherine Allan I THINK OF YOU ALL THRO' THE NIGHT. Prowse (1928) Popular Music//1920's £3.00
1028 POPULAR MUSIC AND DANCING WEEKLY 6 Complete Song & Dance Hits - Romany Rose Waltz/ Just Like a Thief/ He Used to Sing in His Sleep/ Calling/ Tomahawk Blues/ Golden Dreamboat. (1923) Popular Music//1920's £3.00
972 PRINCESS CHARMING Music by Albert Sirmay. Book by Ferencz Marlos. Lyrics by Arthur Wimperis. PIANOFORTE SELECTION Arranged by H.M.Higgs. Chappell (1926) cover detached Popular Music//1920's £3.00
1029 RESBACH, Oscar TREES No.2 in D. Words Joyce Kilmer. Chappell (1922) Popular Music//1920's £1.00
1181 RULE, James S. ALL OVER NOTHING AT ALL. FOX-Trot Song. Words by J.Keirn Brennan & Paul Cunningham. Witmark (1922) pp4 (Sung by Miss Ethel Castaldini - with photo) (cover detached/ outer back wrap missing). Music in good condition Popular Music//1920's £2.00
1236 SCHUBERT, F. LILAC TIME Arranged by G.H.Clutsam
(a) First Selection for Piano. Chappell (1922) pp15 £5.00
(b) Six Easy Pieces for Piano arr. G.H.Clutsam. Chappell (1926) pp11 £4.00
Popular Music//1920's £5.00
2062 SHARPE, Evelyn A SHORT SERIES of ENCORE SONGS : Life. Words by Dena Tempest. Cramer (1923) pp3 Popular Music//1920's £3.00
1030 SHERMAN, Al. SAVE YOUR SORROW (For To-Morrow) Song Fox-Trot. Lyric by B.G. de Sylva. Sung by Miss Florrie Forde (with photo). Wright (1925) Export Edition VG Popular Music//1920's £5.00
1274 SOMERS, Debroy (arr.) THE SAVOY MEDLEY OF ONE-STEP MEDLEYS. Played, Recorded, and Broadcast by the Famous Savoy Orpheans Band of the Savoy Hotel, London (b&w photo. on cover). Arranged by Debroy Somers. Lawrence Wright (1925) pp7 Popular Music//1920's £5.00
973 STAFFORD, Frank ROUND IN 50 (Revue) : UNCLE SAMBO : The Banjo Song. Words by Arthur Anderson. Feldman (1921) pp4 Popular Music//1920's £4.00
1271 STOGDEN, Harry WAPATEE (An Eskimo Romance) FOX-TROT. Words by Percy Edgar (b&w cameo photo. of Miss Lily Hartley). Wilford (1923) pp5 Popular Music//1920's £5.00
2290 THE WONDER ALBUM THE WONDER ALBUM The World's Biggest Music, Picture & Story Bargain including nearly £3 worth of the latest music hits. Volume Two. Asherberg, Hopwood & Crew (1926) pp228 : Containing the pictures and story of four popular Plays, three illustrated articles, and 29 complete Musical Numbers. Theatrica ...
Musicals/Revues/Plays/Films//1920's £15.00
2058 THOMPSON, Jack THE OLD ROAD HOME Song No.1 in C. Words by Royden Barrie. Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew (1925) pp5 Popular Music//1920's £4.00
1627 WADE, Hugh WHEN THE LOVE-BIRD LEAVES THE NEST (Does She Fly to the East or the West?). Fox-Trot Ballad. Written and Composed by Hugh Wade. Sung by Carl Brisson (photo.). Feldman (1927) pp3 Popular Music//1920's £4.00
2998 WOOD, Haydn A BROWN BIRD SINGING. Song. Words by Royden Barrie. No.2 in F. Chappell (1922) pp5 (cover lightly foxed) Popular Music//1920's £3.00
1628 WOODS, Harry SINCE I FOUND YOU. Song Fox-Trot. Words by Sidney Clare. Sung by Miss Victoria Carman (photo.). Feldman (1926) pp3 Popular Music//1920's £4.00
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42 records found.